Where can I see what was done in KDE?

I want know what done in KDE such as Latte, menus, icon, alt+tab animation, booting animation; all of them?
In the future I may want apply same things on another Linux system.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Link to GitLab in the top right of the forum website.

But I did not understand anything.
Can you tell me Why should I install do my KDE system like Garuda as list?

You can see all installed packages with

pacman -Q

And to see all installed AUR packages you use

pacman -Qm

Why? If you're making your own setup, you should install whatever you want. The only person who can answer why is you.


If it were that simple, it would already exist on Ubuntu*.

Since probably no one here knows about Ubuntu, you should ask them why it doesn't exist on Ubuntu.

*Probably Canonical just doesn't like it, just like current software.



You've created 3 threads on our forum and all of them are junk content IMO.

Are you simply trolling our forum?

One more post like your last couple and I'll be giving you a nice long time out.

As you've stated your returning to Ubuntu, I guess that won't impact you too much anyways.


Hi @canereagle ,

Why don't you ask in KDE Community?
Also, there are some docs on how to do that

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There is nothing more to be said in this thread.