When I delete files, available space doesn't increase

As the title says, I've recently noticed that removing folders or files doesn't actually increase the available space I have on my system. I'm stuck at 125 GB of free space even though I removed at least 30 GB worth of files. I don't know if this could be related to Timeshift including the @home subvolume in the backups but apart from that I really don't know what could be causing this.

If you're including the files you delete in a snapshot, and those files are being retained in the snapshot, then the snapshot is doing its job.

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So if I delete the snapshot containing those files or disable the backup of the home subvolume it should solve my issue? Is it safe to use Timeshift to backup the home subvolume?


Timeshift is not a backup solution. If anything, it's a really bad idea to use it for your home directory - if you restore a snapshot you will lose all changes you made in the interim.


Thanks! Deleting the snapshot worked for me! I guess I won't be backing up the home subvolume then, I'll use insync or github for the things I want to backup

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Backup to an external device is a very good plan. :wink:


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