When I burn my garuda linux gnome ultimate with balena etcher to a usb, it makes a 3MB partition and wipes the other partitions

Here is a pic for reference

another pic

another pic

By the way i have experience with using linux in manjaro,pop os.
I have also installed arch in vm
So i dont mind command line tools

Turn the entire thing into 1 partition again I tend to use a command line for that but you can also use the partition manager

I see windows so on the windows *** command line *** it would be
(note this will delete all data on the usb)

list disk (note the number of the usb drive)
select disk (usb number from previous command)
create partition primary

at this point you can use etcher again to flash the ISO

Partition GUI
extend the 3 MB partition by right clicking on it and choosing extend

and if that doesn't work idk try rufus with the DD option


And if you just dd (command) to the raw disk device, it'll be fine too...pretty much guaranteed to work, well assuming you don't inadvertently dd over the wrong disk. This is my usual go-to, because it works, where several distros have incompatibilities with certain Windows utilities.

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why would you recommend pirated software?


gparted is free and win I do not use since years :smiley:


I just booted with the same thing and it worked. It I think just made it into a 5 gig partition

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Please delete or edit your post giving advice to use pirate software (or I will) these kind of posts are illegal and not permitted in most any jurisdiction.

Their is no need for piracy, as gparted is one of the most advanced Partition softwares available.

To the OP:

dd would be my choice to wipe your thumb drive. It completely wipes all traces of anything that might be causing an issue.


ok i m deleting it.

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i get this same thing and when i try to boot i get a secure boot error

Do a checksum on the ISO to be sure it is not corrupted.

Disable secure boot.