Whatsapp Web - sending images results in a corrupted image file

Hey, I tried to look around for this issue and couldn't find anything on it.

When I try to upload and image and send it with whatsapp web it results in a corrupted image file. Screenshot_20201128_114228 .

I have uploaded an image explaining the situation here, hope it wont get messy.

BTW, I have a nvidia GTX970, had a bit of an issue installing garuda dr4gonized on it, I removed the card and installed with free-drivers. Then installed the nvidia drivers with pacman 'pacman -S nvidia nvidia-settings'. Now to boot into the OS I need to change GRUB from linux-zen kernel to linux kernel. Booting into linux-zen gets stuck on black screen.

Which browser did you try whatsapp web

We make privacy enhancing tweaks on firefox
Some shoddy things dont work

As for nvidia drivers you can install nvidia-dkms do it works on linux-zen kernel


Okay replying to myself here, moments after posting.
So on the address bar there is an image icon asking to allow whatsapp to save image data - and a privacy issue with that.
After enabling that, I was able to sent images through whatsapp web.


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Thanks! I will try to install dkms now, do I need to remove nvidia and nvidia settings beforehand?