Whatsapp App recommendation


First of all I would like to congratulate the Garuda developers for making such an awesome OS. I have an old thinkpad and recently the internal stopped working so while running windows I could only run it for 15 mins then it used to heat up and hang. Now with Garuda I can run it forever and it does not heat up. I am not a techie so not sure if it really is the OS but I think thats the only thing that is different as the fan is still not working.

I want whatsapp here but when i go to add/remove program there are a lot of them, any recommendation?


First, personally I don't recommend using WhatsApp at all (I stopped using it almost, only kept it as a "required junk" nowadays, unfortunately.

Second, I prefer using it in browser, but...

Third, since BeautyLine has an awesome icon for WhatsApp, it's not bad to have it "installed" :smiley:

All of them are same WhatsApp Web (web.whatsapp.com), but only that some have notifications icon in system tray. Maybe you should try the first app, with highest vote, yay recommends.


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