What's up with updates?

When all is back, I will just uncomment choatic in /etc/pacman.conf and continue with updates. It would have gotten out-of-hand if left alone, I fear. They are doing a great job of returning it to usability.

Does chaotic accept donations directly?

Why did you disable chaotic-aur? It is still active, just with less packages. Existing packages are valid and... existing.
Just make sure you use garuda server first, because it surely includes garuda related packages. :point_up:

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While waiting for news - it seemed simpler - and less confusing to yay if I happened to use it. Now that it is returning, I will uncomment. Is there a separate entry available for the Garuda things now? If so, I think only brave-bin is on chaotic for me otherwise (AUR on my other builds).

The important is that it should be clearly understood by the System Administrator (usually you :wink:).

  • Garuda Linux uses only repos by default, with no AUR enabled.
  • Now that some AUR originated packages are missing from chaotic-aur repo, if you want to update those from AUR, building with yay, trizen, paru etc., first do a normal repo update (sudo pacman -Syu, or equivalent method) and after this, run AUR helper update.

True enough - and yay will do things in that order by default - but a little patience will cure the potential problem anyway. If I wait a week - that compares well to what I put up with on 'buntus over the years!

I usually do updates with pacman, then once in a while I check on AUR items - usually with yay -Sua. After all - I have already been through the PKGBUILDs - and the items I have are fairly trustworthy...(I hope) :smile:


Topgrade is also a nice terminal utility for updating everything including AUR, Flatpaks, Snaps, and even firmware. I've used it for a while in Arch and Arch-based spins and like its one-stop-shopping (updating). :wink:

I mostly run Plasma 5 and use Octopi to finish stocking my installs, but remove it in favor of yay and Topgrade subsequent to the completed installations.



Topgrade always gets my vote.


Not being on Plasma, I have no idea what that brings to the table for that task. I just run a few scripts through pacman --needed, and a similar setup for AUR add-ons - I like the unattended operation produced!

Topgrade I haven't gotten to checking out yet, but have heard only good things. My needs so far are simple, and pacman/yay does it all (and yes, I know yay could do it all - but I prefer to keep track separately)

Octopi is the QT package management equivalent to PAMAC, but has been around much longer. It's most helpful to me stocking the Garuda KDE 'Barebones' edition or in a vanilla Arch installation. I prefer it even in GTK environments. After the initial use, it's not really necessary. That's for multiple package installs. I used to use a script, but found Arch moved too fast to keep it current.

Topgrade is useful solely for updating/upgrading, as its name implies. It's a pretty cool utility.



I guess I find the scripts more useful because I have several setups going at once. If I want I can take the list of current packages in one setup, and step through the list with --needed on a new install. Just lazy I guess :grin:

Now - if topgrade could TRULY handle it all, I would use it - but I don't see how it can survive reboots and switching logins to handle updates on all systems in one shot! Actually - I mostly use the 'right' tools so I can tell myself it isn't my fault if/when something goes wrong. Of course, it hasn't helped much- when something goes wrong it usually IS me :grin:


You live a very complicated life, my friend. :slight_smile:


Actually I find it simplifies things...!

If I run into a problem, there is always another build handy to get stuff done, until I get around to fixing the problem :grin: Haven't had to boot a live ISO in a long time to make even arch-chroot fixes either....