What's the difference between linux-tkg kernels?

And I'm not asking about architecture-describing part, that's pretty obvious. I can't find a description on "pds", "cms", "bmq" and others. Can somebody point me towards the right direction? Arch and Gentoo wikis are silent.


Each of these kernels uses a different CPU schedulers and thats why some benchmarks show some performing better than others. The differences on the CPU arch focused ones like zen and skylake means its more tuned to perform better on that cpu.

So linux-tkg-bmq is the current default kernal, but there are varients like linux-tkg-bmq-zen2 which performs better and is more optimised towards Zen 2 Ryzen processers]

The ones you mentioned first "bmq" and "pds" are the cpu schedulers type that is used in that kernal, and the last dash like "zen" and "skylake" means its complied for that cpu architecture.


Yeah, I understand that it's optimized for specific architectures. But where can I read about CPU schedulers to choose the right one for me?

There are benchmarks on youtube you can find which shows FPS differences between these kernals. However it will depend on your current workflow and how you use your computer that will determine the right cpu scheduler.

This benchmark might help https://flightlessmango.com/games/11785/logs/764


Have you checked archwiki?