What's Cooking

hey all.... what is Garuda cooking ??? i could smell some new features...

my laptop is in the hospital with a broken display and dead hdd.... :sob::sob::sob::sob:

so whats the latest update.. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Well to prevent these kind of hardware breakages while inebriated the camera will scan your eyeball to dected if your wasted by the dilation of your pupils and bloodshot eyes.

If you are deemed to be gooned by the detection algorithm then your computer will be locked out for a sufficient period of time for you to straighten up. This will not only help prevent damages to hardware, but also the problems associated with sending pictures of your junk to others while wasted.

It might seem a little overly oppressive, but some people just need a nanny to look out for them.



Your so bad that you are really good. :rofl:


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What's cooking currently:

My current fav I'm cooking for breakfast. Simmer and brown a goodly amount of onions in a frying pan (cast iron preferred). Once the onions are cooked put some leftover mashed potatoes in the frying pan to warm thouroughly. Brown potatoes on both sides.

Add a considerable amount of freshly ground pepper to the top of the browned potatoes then cover the top of the potatoes with the fried onions. Once that is nicely hot cover the top of the browned onions/potatoes with your favorite type of cheese (sliced). As soon as the cheese is on top start frying or poaching a couple of eggs to place on top of the melted cheese/grilled onions and potatoes.

It simply can't be beaten, came up with this invention a while back and can't get enough of it now.

Best feature meal I've dreamt up in a long time.


im not sure like... should i laugh or should i cry :joy::joy::joy::joy: