What's a good VPN to use for torrent with Garuda?

I’m going to need to use a VPN soon as I will be using bittorrent with an ISP for an account with my name on it. Basically, I moved to a new apartment and won’t be using the local free wifi spots for torrents anymore.

I’ve used a paid ProtonVPN account with windows in the past, but their linux port seems to be lacking many of the features I enjoyed with their windows version.

What VPN would the Garuda community recommend. Free and paid suggestions are welcome.

Oh, and yes I’m running Garuda Linux.


Torrents, vpns and not wanting your isp to see your torrent activity? Sounds scumbaggery to me :pirate_flag:

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The one you make .
but if you don’t/can’t , just use protonVPN and connect to it through OpenVPN from the Terminal . (i would chose the free tier, doesn’t differ much from premium i would argue) , go to account section you will find Openvpn credentials

command : sudo openvpn <the file you download> and then enter user:pass and done :heavy_check_mark:


I just use protonvpn-cli

 ╭─ankur@ankur in ~ 
 ╰─λ protonvpn-cli --help

Proton VPN CLI v3.13.0

For bugs and errors, please use the form https://protonvpn.com/support-form
or send a report to [email protected].

usage:  protonvpn-cli [--version | --help] <command>

    login               Login with Proton VPN credentials.
    logout              Disconnect, remove Proton VPN connection and logout.
    c, connect          Connect to Proton VPN.
    d, disconnect       Disconnect from Proton VPN.
    s, status           Show connection status.
    r, reconnect        Reconnect to previously connected server.
    config              Configure user settings.
    ks, killswitch      Configure Kill Switch settings.
    ns, netshield       Configure NetShield settings.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help          Display help message.
    -v, --version       Display versions.
    --get-logs          Get Proton VPN logs.

    protonvpn-cli login
    protonvpn-cli login --help
    protonvpn-cli logout
    protonvpn-cli (c | connect)
    protonvpn-cli (c | connect) --help
    protonvpn-cli (d | disconnect)
    protonvpn-cli (s | status)
    protonvpn-cli (r | reconnect)
    protonvpn-cli config
    protonvpn-cli config --help
    protonvpn-cli (-h | --help)
    protonvpn-cli (-v | --version)
    protonvpn-cli --get-logs

 ╭─ankur@ankur in ~ took 1s

I just need to run protonvpn-cli login <username> for setting it up .
Once logged in, then I just need to run

protonvpn-cli c 

to connect after selecting the server

protonvpn-cli d 

for disconnecting

I just remember these 3 commands for it , I usually don’t like to do everything in GUI , I instead prefer TUI or CLI over it so it’s my personal choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m very satisfied with the Mullvad nodes integrated in Tailscale. This allows both using Tailscale to connect my personal devices and using a VPN at the same time. The nodes are provided as regular exit nodes in this scenario.

Even if not using Tailscale, I can recommend Mullvad itself.

Afaik this is also what Mozilla’s VPN solution uses under the hood.


I use non-free NordVPN which needs the AUR nordvpn-bin to function correctly. However, it does require a little configurehumping on the users part.

It has clients for every OS.


It has been a few months since I’ve tried protonVPN’s linux version. I’ll give it another look.

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Does Mullvad log activity?

I’ll give NordVPN a look, if I remember correctly one plus they share with ProtonVPN is that they don’t log your activity.

no they dont log . look here https://mullvad.net/de/help/no-logging-data-policy

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In search for best free VPN servers for linux, I ended up landing on Hideme, after years of using ProtonVPN.

Basically, you will miss out being anywhere in the world you want to if you don’t pay. But at least the ISP will have a blindfold :sweat_smile:

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I use proton vpn with wireguard protocoll, no gui. Protonvpn linux gui useless and slow.

You can follow this: wg-quick

Here i wrote about this earlier.

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Thank you for this!

I got it running easily with my old proton account!


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Have fun pirating!

I have the whole fleet of proton stuff and have had pretty good luck with their vpn also.

Admittedly in the last few years though now that it’s not ‘niche’ like it was, the servers have gotten noticeably busier and i have to change occassionally due to speeds.


I always use to select a random server from cli , it use to show which one have lease traffic and I use to select the one with least traffic .

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