What was the first DE for Garuda?

What was the first environment of garuda? Is it kde or gnome? And is the ordering in the download site imply that kde is main DE suggested?

Also is there significant difference in ram usage between Ulitmate and Lite editions, or is it only the packages?

i3wm for me.

No, use what you like.

Yes, as always unused RAM is wasted RAM :smiley:

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No I mean, the first environment garuda was ever created.

i3wm , I build the ISO on my PC.


is the origin of garuda started with building the i3wm iso?

What was first Hen or egg?
And why is that important, if you want I say KDE now and then you are happy?


It was the hen. :wink:


No No you are getting me wrong. My question is which desktop version of garuda that was made in the first offcial release? Is it a specific one or did you release all of them at once. I am not telling that it should be kde, but asking what it was?

Kde lxqt-kwin and i3

I use kde

@sgs use i3


Yes finally thank you for understanding my question.

i3wm Lxqt-kwin KDE :smiley:


Interesting to know for us trivia folks :slight_smile: Tiling window managers AND KDE are my favorite. Please keep gnome and it's relatives away from me with garlic and holy water.

Do I remember correctly that @SGS was the one who created the very first Garuda image? If so, he would know which DE it used... :joy:


I tend to agree ith you there, but we'll avoid that subject to avoid any DE flame wars errupting on the forum. :smile:


IDk I live booted into kde and it's almost the same customization as gnome and I like your configured gnome version so much.

Also why not create a discord server for off topic chat?

edit: the top panel was broken on kde live boot

Install gnome lite yesterday and was very surprised how smooth it was. Will keep it for a bit if not longer. :star_struck:


If I'm not mistaken, the head car of the garuda maintained by @librewish is kde
In my opinion should make a post or a page on the site explaining who keeps the iso and what are the degrees of importance (according to the interface) except the barebone

Are the only two flavors of KDE, Dr460nized and KDE Multimedia? I love KDE but the Dr460nized is clearly for gaming, and multimedia looks as if it's for someone running a multimedia server. I actually came back to garuda from KDE Neon so I'm a bit bummed that there isn't another DE with neon. Right now I have Gnome and it's pretty snappy but there are some things I don't like about Gnome so I don't know how long I will stick with it. I may swap it out with Cinnamon, which is another flavour that I can enjoy. Anyway folks, great OS. Absolutely love it!

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