What should I do to make the Garuda Linux option appear on the boot menu?

Just installed the Garuda KDE Dr460nized edition. But once I restarted the system I cannot see an option to choose Garuda Linux in the boot menu. My laptop already is installed with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. I can only see Windows 10 and Ubuntu on the boot menu but not Garuda.

I need help on multiboot. What should I do to make the Garuda Linux option appear on the boot menu?

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use forum search function, upper right next time.
But multiboot with WINDOWS is not recommended.


Hi pareep,
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How did you install Dual Boot?
What is the default boot loader using for Windows 10 Ubuntu Dual Boot,
Is it GRUB or something else?
Did you got any errors during the Garuda install?


Hey thanks for the concern @barna88hun .

Just now I fixed it. As my disk type is GPT, I created a fat32 file system with boot flag and mount point as /boot/efi before installing OS. I forgot to do it on my previous attempt. Now working fine.


I am a long time user of Linux Mint and just installed garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-210507.iso onto an older Lenovo with spinning rust. It asked me for a user name, machine name and password during the install, but not an admin password. I installed alongside Linux Mint 19.1 (Cinnamon4.0.10). The gnome disk utility (v3.28.3) says the partition that Garuda install created is there but is 'unallocated space'. btrfs device scan found no filesystems. I will re-install, but feeling a bit discouraged.

You click on this page "next" before reading, there is a checkmark for use user=root password.