What program do you pick after executing a fastboot command to smartphone?

.%;888:8898898:               ----------------
x;XxXB%89b8:b8%b88:             OS: Garuda Linux
.8Xxd                8X:.          Host: 81C9 Lenovo ideapad FLEX 5-1470
.8Xx;                    8x:.        Kernel: 5.16.0-zen1-1-zen
.tt8x          .d            x88;      Uptime: 20 hours, 32 mins
.@8x8;          .db:              xx@;    Packages: 1513 (pacman)
,tSXX°          .bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbB8x@;   Shell: bash
.SXxx            bBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbSBX8;   DE: Plasma 5.23.5
,888S                                     pd!   WM: KWin
8X88/                                       q    Terminal: konsole
GBB.                                             CPU: Intel i7-8550U (8) @ 4.0GHz
x%88        d888@8@X@X@X88X@@XX@@X@8@X.         GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
dxXd    dB8b8b8B8B08bB88b998888b88x.          Memory: 2.38GiB / 7.63GiB
dxx8o                      .@@;.
dx88                   .t@x.

╭─shaun@shaun in ~
╰─λ adb reboot bootloader

╭─shaun@shaun in ~ took 13s
╰─λ fastboot dev
fastboot: usage: unknown command dev

╭─shaun@shaun in ~ took 17ms
[🔴] × fastboot devices
931AX03GSK      fastboot

╭─shaun@shaun in ~ took 7ms
╰─λ fastboot boot /home/shaun/Downloads/platform-tools/twrp-3.6.0_11-0-bonito.img

dolphin is asking which application to use to execute command. and i dont know which to choose. id be grateful if anyone could help me as im very new to linux

Hi there,

if you already don't know about how to run this, you should stay away from this, and read proper documentation about this as this can be risky.
Read about ADB here



Check also XDA forum for help, here is Garuda Linux forum not Android :slight_smile: