What is your first 7 things you do and top 5 things you install on a fresh Garuda install?

I thought it might be fun and enlightening for others to see what others do upon install. I had not used arch until I found Garuda (I dont recall how I found it) but after doing this - I really really liked what I saw and experienced. I came from Debian and Fedora and swore I would never dive into Arch - enter a stubborn laptop that I was determined to get working on linux for my journey and path I am on for needing it. I think the team has a really nice job assembling a gorgeous distro and though I am new I am learning quickly.

So what are the first 7 things you do?
What are the top 5 things you install first?

For me - first 7 -

  1. update the goods
sudo pacman -Syu
  1. Add the wallpapers that desire - because we all know we have to look cool to feel cool
  2. setup/change the default ssh keys - if SSH is not setup I set that up, if it is I change the keys
    SSH keys - ArchWiki
  3. Open terminal and see if I need to tweak to my liking - so far I am using the default that was install and like it a lot but would like to see colors added for ls etc
  4. Change lockscreen graphic
  5. Snapshot the OS to ensure I have a rollback in case I bork it...
  6. check resources to see if everything is operating properly

Top 5 things I install -

  1. nmap
  2. libre office
  3. tilix
  4. lastpass or whatever password manager I choose for this instance
  5. VLC

This is not the same as I do on Debian - but thought it would be fun to see what others share and do.

  1. Update
  2. Add vpn software of choice
  3. Sign into firefox and my extensions
  4. Deal with all the sites that want me to jump through hoops on a new install, with email and text 'Are you sure it's you?' (this takes longest of any task...and can't be made easier unless security measures become more automated, like biometrics)
  5. Add any missing software (libreoffice, mpg, tixati, vim, zsh or fish, etc)
  6. Alias anything I need to.

Update mirrors

then run sudo pacman -Syyu
Reboot if necessary.

Then run my own shell script that installs every application that I need ( including vapoursynth ), except python2-gimp, gimp-plugin-resynthesizer, mpv and smplayer.

Then check PKGBUILD of python2-gimp, gimp-plugin-resynthesizer, mpv from AUR for malicious code ( never hurts to be paranoid :laughing:)

Manually download snapshot of mpv and modify it to enable dvd. Then install mpv.

Then install smplayer and python2-gimp, gimp-plugin-resynthesizer from AUR using yay.

Change swappiness to 15.

Remove Guest account of Garuda.

Cleanup using stacer and disable startup applications that I don't need. ( like CUPS )

Install Pcloud and copy my other shell scripts and config files for mpv, youtube-dl, aria2 etc.

Modify zshrc to include my aliases and functions.

Configure KWin, Dolphin, Krusader, GIMP, Digikam, Firefox ( including Firefox Sync ), Chromium, Nomacs, Feh, Libreoffice and SMPlayer.

Install some KDE Plasma themes.

Keep enjoying Linux. :crazy_face:

1. sudo pacman -Syu 
2. sudo pacman -S git code
3. sudo git config __
4.  mkdir ./Garuda && cd ./Garuda
5. git clone _ && code
6. git commit -m "Some enhancements"
7. git push -u origin master

First 7 things:

  1. Update
  2. Install Garuda Black Eagle wallpaper
  3. Change to Metallic Cyan theme
  4. Install Smooth Glossy icons
  5. Install hplip & CUPS (and enable & start CUPS)
  6. Install my WiFi AiO printer/scanners
  7. Add my favorite apps to the panel

First 5 things to install:

  1. LibreOffice
  2. Librewolf browser
  3. VLC
  4. Kdenlive
  5. Simple Screen Recorder

I'm a KDE Barebones User

  1. Reflector & Update
  2. Switch to Breeze Dark
  3. Disable Baloo file runner, don't need it
  4. Install linux-tkg-bmq-zen2 kernel
  5. replace udev with systemd and keymap, consolefont with sd-vconsole on mkinitcpio.conf (also reduce unused binaries and enable zstd compression)
  6. Check systemctl and jounrnalctl for errors then resolve them
  7. tweak my grub options

*note - not Garuda specifically

  1. look at neofetch because I'm the proud owner of a new headache
  2. yay -Syu spotify - So I can listen to music while I do everything else.
  3. add update-grub because I'm lazy, and update grub to my liking
  4. add hibernator and setup swapfile/hibernate
  5. update mirrors w/reflector
  6. topgrade & update
  7. make another drink because I'm probably out of tequila by now.

This made me chuckle this am - cheers my friend.

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