What is the meta package to install mainstrream plasma?

It's plasma-meta, right?

I currently KDE Plasma git installed, but I'm kind of tired of dealing with the bugs and quirks of the bleeding edge. I am hoping it is possible to install mainstream Plasma over the git version.

Any suggestions?

I think that would be very risky...
I remember several people getting into troubles installing (too) many -git packages on the standard KDE plasma.
This would be only the other way round to get into the same mix.
Just an opinion. Let's wait for someone who knows better :wink:


That's up to your capabilities. The answer is yes but it would involve a lot of work, would risk your personal settings, etc. Purging and replacing -git packages could be risky.

Personally, I'd start over again with the KDE Lite edition. And because all of the same post configuration scripts are available to it the same as other editions, you could quickly get setup the way you want it. You will want to protect your data but not retain your present ~/home configs.


Since the title has been changed to (plasma?) meta package, the answer is (in Arch) to install plasma, which is the meta group.

If, however, you want to install the Garuda meta--which are actually settings--you might need to install/migrate/integrate to Garuda Linux / Themes and Settings / Settings / garuda-kde-settings · GitLab


Thanks @c00ter and @filo

The answers I expected, but hoped for a :woman_mage: :magic_wand:Magical Solution :sparkles:.


That package is actually the old legacy "Garuda KDE" and is not intended to be installed on top of Garuda Dragonized or KDE Git! :stop_sign:


So, I should install it, right? :crazy_face:

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Only if you want a Frankenruda... those can be quite appealing :wink:


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