What is the boot manager tool to manage grub from gui used by garuda?

What is the boot manager tool to manage grub from GUI used by Garuda ?

Can anyone tell me because i am using vanilla arch

After one year in our forum, you can’t search about this alone?
You can’t post the log from garuda-inxi?

You can’t use the launcher and type “garuda”?
Apart, you change the DE from KDE to something else.


I don’t believe you.


I feel like the term “vanilla” has just been completely beaten to death and no longer has any significant meaning.

It used to refer to the original, unmodified version of the software. If someone is running “vanilla Gnome” or “vanilla Ubuntu,” they mean the standard, official version of Gnome or Ubuntu without any customizations or additional features added by the user or third parties.

But now this nonsensical phrase “vanilla Arch” is so common. What does it even mean? Are you running a TTY with no applications installed? Because that is what vanilla Arch is.


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