What is the best way to mirror my android device wirelessly to Linux?

First, im not sure if this is the right categorie for this question or if it is even allowed to be asked in this forum. If not feel free, just move/close it :slight_smile:

Now to my question. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a few games on it i want to play on PC, but they dont seem to work correctly with Anbox or Genymotion.
Now the problem, it seems like when i plug my phone into my PC that only charging is possible even with USB debugging aktivated. (Its a USB-C to USB 3.0?(i think) cable and its not the original / only a charging cable (if that has anything to do with the capabilitys) and my PC only has USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports) So thats why it probably does not work.
So thats why im searching for a wireless solution, at best free of course, with minimal latency.

Maybe someone will chime in with a specific recommendation, but in the meanwhile the term you want to search for is "screencast". There must be a thousand recommendations out there:

Here are a few articles which seem relevant/up to date:


Thanks. I also found out what the problem was why i couldnt connect my phone to pc with a cable.
It seems like there really are cables for charging only, i didnt know that. I tried a usb c cable from a family member just for fun and it instandly worked. My Phone connected to the PC like usual and i could use scrcpy.

scrcpy is a good one with low latency and a ton of features, it works either wired or wirelessly
although it is missing audio forwarding so you need to use some other software (like sndcpy) or just use the audio from your phone (maybe bluetooth would work too?)