What is QuikAccess?

Other than a button that wants to install some packages, what does QuikAccess actually do?

I can't find any information about it in the Wiki, here in the forums, Reddit, or on the web.

Are you joking?
Web is full of this.
Btw. we are not a M$ forum. :smiley:

Okay. Here's my search:

Which one of those results gives me any useful information?

IDK this button on Garuda.
Tell me more about.

Why are you showing me a Microsoft product? I'm talking about the icon that says QuikAccess (note the spelling) in the Garuda Welcome app.

Member of the team, you say? Great attitude.

Missing this info on the first post.
Like the garuda-inxi :slight_smile:

Not everyone in the team know everything.

First time I use this


Okay. Let me make this easy for you. Here is a picture.

Do you see the purple button that says "Quikaccess?"


Databases are being synchronized, you will have to be patient with an answer, shouting won't get you anywhere.

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I haven't gotten anywhere with this entire thread.

The developer who set this feature is probably not reading this right now, so please be patient.

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Ah! Thank you.

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He is a German, and not that good at English. Plus you missed exact description of the feature you were asking about. And a lot of things can refer to "quick access" like quick access in browser is referred to those small icons.

This created confusion on both sides.

I am glad that your issue has been solved anyway.


If you're gonna be so damned positive, be right. :frowning:


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