What is "Checking for plugin updates" doing?

I tried garuda-update today and everything looked fine. I didn't know what the "Checking for plugin updates" step is doing. I noticed it uninstalled aspell and download a new version from Github. Why did it download from Github and where did it install aspell?

Checking for plugin updates
Uninstalling aspell
Downloading "aspell" (1.3.0) from "https://github.com/priner/micro-aspell-plugin/archive/v1.3.0.zip"
One or more plugins installed.

IDK :wink:

You need to have Aspell installed and available in your PATH. It does not come with this plugin.

micro-aspell-plugin = spellchecker for micro
is not in repositories or chaotic so it use the git version.

I think it comes from here:

when it executes
sudo -u "#$SUDO_UID" micro -plugin update
See also e.g.

The beauty of open source is that it unleashes your curiosity :slight_smile:


Interesting. I don't use the micro terminal. I didn't know Garuda installed it by default. Maybe I'll give it a try.

micro (like nano or vim) is a text editor you can use in a terminal/konsole.


I use mcedit BTW. It's included in mc and is one of the oldest similar programs. It even has my locale translation!!! :sunglasses:


If it's that old, assume the learning curve to use it is the same level as Vi :smiley:
For those who rarely use the terminal to edit text files, micro is enough.

My 50 € Cents :wink:


Exactly the opposite!!!
It has several tips and big buttons with names, a menu with every option and a lot of power tools and features. Not that I use it often, but even if I don't remember how to use it, it is easy like a GUI, using keyboard or mouse with the same ease.
Am I selling ?? :rofl:

Edit: Not enough? It has color themes too!! :rainbow:


Midnight Commander. Very old-school tool.

Kewl! :smiley:


Paging @dr460nf1r3 cause i honestly have the same question and I'm not the one who added it. I just made sure it kept working over the releases without ever questioning what it does lmao


Oh, missed this. Basically it updates the preinstalled micro plugins found in the home directory.


Is there any way we can make this a standard package instead of updating it in this out of tree kinda way?

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According to the plugins page of micro, just the already used location is available for plugins. If there was a way to ship this "systemized" I would've done it already :thinking:



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