What happened to Garuda Wayfire?

I sometimes browse the Garuda downloads page to see what is new, and it has recently come to my attention that Garuda Wayfire is gone.

I have seen other editions of Garuda come and go, but Garuda Wayfire was something I was looking forward to jump into in the future when it had matured enough. Seeing it gone from the Garuda downloads page made me curious on how Garuda as a project is structured.

For instance, KDE Dr460nized and some window manager edition that I don't care about has been around for a long time. Does that mean Wayfire was supported, but now it is not? Do you determine what to support based on adoption? Is everything except barebones "supported"?

Will Garuda Wayfire come back? I'd love to see Garuda adopt a Wayland based desktop environment that is from fresh code.

Love Garuda even though we had a rocky start. It is probably the most organized arch-based distro community; I am agnostic on this opinion, can't know what I don't know.

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