What GTK Themes you think work well with Garuda?

I’m trying to spice up my cinnamon desktop, and I’m trying find cool themes and icons that work well with Garuda.

The sweet icons are a bit much for my taste, but I do appreciate the cool neon look of the distro, so I’m wondering what other options people have used.


Personally I’ve been using the Papirus icon theme for a long while now, there are a bunch of different colours (I use the red version) and I’ve set a matching accent colour with the KDE Breeze theme, not sure how you’d go about it on Cinnamon though.


That’s a pretty hard question. It all depends with your taste
Explore the world of already made GTK plus other themes.

The most precise answer I can give as of the moment is that-- The Garuda themes rock


:point_up: using this on my XFCE.
As for gtk theme, I found this one going well:

Consistent XFCE!

This looks very nice, thanks!

I’ve been using Orchis’s compact variation. Nothing too fancy, just a compact dark theme


Orchis is indeed a very good looking theme :smiley: