What Garuda flavor works best with games?

Obviously, there’s the Dr46onized version but I’ve heard from some people it’s bloated? I plan to play games like Roblox to games like Monster Hunter Rise and emulated stuff. Would it make sense for me to get the Dr46onized version or go for the lighter options?

Any version will usually work fine for gaming. I've been gaming on the stock (read: non gaming) dr460nized edition since 2020 now and my experience has always been fine.
You really don't need the gaming version, it's wayyyy too overkill for basically any use case I could possibly imagine.


IIRC, librewish created this edition to make life easier for newcomers to games.

So you could drop the version?

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Can we stop with the word "bloated," what does that even mean? To me, The Gaming Edition comes with most of the gaming tools installed and ready to go that you will end up installing yourself anyway. If that is bloated, guilty, I guess.

To answer your question, it depends on your knowledge and level of Linux/gaming understanding, so only you can answer that. If you think you can install everything you need to game on your own, then go for the lighter version, else make your life easier and go for the bloated Dr46onized.


I would, but libre doesn't want me to :stuck_out_tongue:


The beauty of Linux is its diversity.

With Garuda Linux, there is something for everyone.

Those who love a challenge take Barebones and those who are lazy take Garuda Gamer :smiley:

Just Garuda, so simple. :slight_smile:


Garuda Dr460nized works fine for me and it doesn't feel bloated to me tbh..
I don't get that issue with "bloated". No cortana, no IE, no telemetry, no data sniffing, no adds, no forced stuff, no silly dialogs and helpers who assume you're just had a lobotomy .... yeah.
I don't think we can even use "bloated" on distributions like Garuda dr460nized. Imho


Apart from the fact that everyone has different tastes, a hater only has the option of picking the DE with the most preinstalled software and then calling it bloated.

He couldn't write that on barebones.
If he likes it so pure, why does he install Garuda at all?

Ok, he would have nothing left to hate :wink:

In real life, a Golf driver doesn't buy a Porsche and then get upset that it's overpowered in city traffic.


Performance-wise, they are the same. Software-wise, Dragonized-Gaming has a lot of software, games, launchers, helpers etc. installed. I was overwhelmed when I saw the amount of software installed but I considered this an opportunity for discovering new software. Then removed what I was sure I did not want. For example I didn't have any old games to emulate so I uninstalled RetroArch.

If you feel open-minded and have some time, go for Gaming. If you know what you are looking for, go for the edition with your favourite desktop.

And @BruceLakeriver defined bloat pretty well :wink:


And now, with Garuda's KDE-git version, you can even have a substitute for fidget-spinners. :rofl:


Yep I can agree on that.
I removed some as well. Added a few on the other hand.
I also think you can't find a assembly of software to please every person. And considering that, the Devs made a good choice imho.

@c00ter :rofl:

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One person's bloat is another person's bare essentials. Opinions are like a$$holes, everybodies got one, but no one is more sweet than the next. Anybody claiming their's is the only only one of importance is simply being egotistal.

These question's that are always supposedly coming from others comments are pretty close to bikeshed topics (or trolling) in a lot of cases. It is an open ended question with no right or wrong answer, and is mostly a complete waste of forum space. Bloat is a pejorative term, and when you apply it to any distro, you are basically insulting the distro.

Use a live version or install to metal to find out for yourself. You need to make up your mind for yourself in these kinds of matters. No one can know your desires, so in the end this is all pointless speculation as to what your idea of bloat is, (or isn't).

I think you've had enough responses to make up your mind at this point.

Topic shutting down...