What FOSS productivity tools do you guys use?

Hi guys,

So the title says it all...

Just wondering about what FOSS productivity tools you guys use on your system to get work done on time?

Most of the tools I use are free but proprietary.. I know of popular FOSS alternatives, but still, wondering if you guys know some hidden gems??

For example, it was in this forum that I discovered the "Super Productivity" app and I'm loving it! Ironically, very few listicles online have this app on their list.

Anyways, thanks for you time...:slight_smile:


Two apps I’ve just recently started using, but like a lot are:

timewarrior for a simple time tracking app, it’s been around for a while and has 0 bells and maybe 1 whistle (it’s a very simple app) but it’s remarkably easy to use and very solid. Also it’s super portable. It has the ability to accept python scripts as extensions for expanded functionality, so it’s definitely something that can be built into almost anything you need.

Trilium as a personal knowledge base. It’s not exactly a simple app, but it’s really powerful and works very well, and if you know js it can do a lot more than it ships with.


joplin and/or qownnotes. I am still on the fence, just discovered qownnotes recently. ( they are pretty similar, and importing/exporting between them is easy )

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Apart from operating system and Garuda tools, I use given FOSS tools.

  1. Firedragon

No comments..... :wink:

  1. XDM => Xtreme download manager

Really appreciate it.

  1. VS codium

Nice text editor + ide for small development things.

  1. Libreoffice
  1. VLC

I guess that is almost all the applications I use regularly.


much appreciate the detailed list with all the links.., thanks man..

Also, can is "LibreOffice" worth it? I just can't get it configured correctly! Especially the "spell-check" feature...

I mostly resort to using Google Docs...

does spell-check work for you???

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I think so. I usually have to prepare small, simple and elegant presentations, and I guess Libreoffice works perfect for me.
All I have to make is a kind of "cover" for my projects, with nice index and certificate page, and numbering on each page. I found a nice template on web for the purpose and am happy to use it.

I don't know tbh, I didn't do/need any configuration.
Regarding spellcheck , it was working when I last used it (Around a month ago.) ( I spell check like compiler, not interperator :wink: )


Lets see, mine are:

  1. FireDragon
  2. Vscodium
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Kate
  5. Garuda Cloud (Nextcloud) for taking notes/to-do, calendar, contacts and more.
  6. LibreOffice for personal text documents

wasn't this only productivity tools, like notekeeping and time scheduling????

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