What does Snapper tools timeline settings mean?

I may regard it as in crontab syntax, but there's no manual or a ? button, so I'd like to confirm here.

I can see:

Does it mean the timeline snapshot runs every 7 days and .... 5 hours (what does the latter part mean?).

When you enable the snapper timeline snapshots by checking that checkbox, snapper will take hourly snapshots.

When the snapper cleanup service runs, it will reduce them to the number you select. So, in this case, it will keep the most recent 5 hourly snapshots and one snapshot from each of the last 7 days.

The pacman settings are used to cleanup the snapshots that are taken during pacman operations. It will retain the most recent 10 of those. Keep in mind that there is a snapshot taken before and after pacman operations so retaining 10 means you have snapshots for the most recent 5.


Hey there, thanks for this info, but would the recommendation for snapshot settings within Garuda be to use the "Snapper" app or the BTRFS Assistant" app? I think they are pulling config data from the same source, but not sure which is the recommended tool for managing snaps within Garuda?

Yes, that data is stored in snapper itself so the result should be the same with either tool.

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Thank you! It's understandable now :slight_smile:

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