What are the garuda custom services?

Hi! Just want to know what are the custom services garuda has to offer? What's the difference between normal bitwarden and garuda linux bitwarden? Or searx and garuda linux searx? I like it when a operating system has its own tweaks to a popular service for better user experience. Makes an OS feel more polished.
(If you don't know what I am talking about, I mean the "our services" listed here: start.garudalinux.org )

Me too :smiley:

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These are "just" own instances of the services. The difference is that data is located at our servers instead of Bitwarden / Searx / Nextcloud / etc.. ones. Some do have modifications (Garuda Cloud is branded accordingly for example), others dont.
Its actually your choice where you have your data, for me its nice to know that we kind of "own" the data instead of trusting others with that for example. Also its a nice way to promote open source alternatives to proprietary software such as Google Cloud.


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