Well done the Garuda team

Garuda has in such a short time matured to one off the best distributions not only in the Arch world but the Linux World,
most are not aware that Mandog a outspoken Arch user, has been following Garuda since before it birth.

When @librewish joined the Manjaro forums and said his wish was to one day have his own distro based on Arch I just new it would happen, he drove people mad with his endless Questions he was really driven with his passion.

The latest Gnome version is so polished i thought wow look Garuda how looks after such a short time so polished it makes the big boys look like they are the new boys in town.

The forum support for those that need it is excellent i also like the way @tbg and the others try to guide users to help themselves and to learn instead of expecting their asses to be wiped for them.
The more info that a user gives the easier it is to help.

What more can a Grumpy old man say About a exceptional Arch based distro Garuda


You a fan boi of anything? You?

Well done, old dog. Well done. :slight_smile:


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