Weather Report

This widget has appeared in every KDE spin I've tried, except for Garuda. Searching for the widget via settings and KDE Look has been fruitless.

Attached is an example screenshot of the widget ...


Yes, the Weather Report KDE widget is available in Garuda. Click on your panel, click on 'Add Widgets' and then scroll to the bottom of the displayed widget list. You really need the Weather widget! I saw the temperature on your post: -5.0 degrees F.

Stay Warm!!



Nadda gary. Right on, gotta have the weather report.

Yep, it's a KDE Plasma widget ... not necessarily a defect in the Garuda implementation. I'm not seeing in available in either Dragonized or Barebones live. Nadda in Barebones install or available to download as a widget.

Will have to troubleshoot a bit.

For sure, Old Man Winter has us firmly in his grips.


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Seems solved.


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