We should expand the wiki

It only contains requirements for KDE Ultimate, and almost no information about CPU, Internet speed and lightweight editions is given. I didn't test all the editions when I had lower-end hardware myself, so I ask for some help with this on the mods/enthusiast side.
We should show this page everytime when somebody is concerned about whether or not he should try garuda, and more detailed information will certainly help.

Yes but that will take awhile as you will have to install every garuda edition.

The Wiki page already states: "For window managers the actual needed specs are lower than KDE requirements."

Listing each DE & WM, their guesstimated RAM usage, disk occupancy, etc. is a fools errand, given the other variables. The minimums listed are enough, IMHO. :wink:



We have set 3.5 gb as minimum ram
For all editions if its less then calamares wont start


I think default storage should be listed, as this is what really scares some people away. "Why is this linux distro weights as much as windows?.."

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Not everything that's clumsy is a comparison.
I chose Garuda so that my resources would be used out.
In Windows, the resources are being misused.

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Yeah fair point but still I think it's nice to say that this storage is only as big after update/proper installation and not on by default

I think the information on the download page is correct.
If you want a slimmed-down Plasma or a compiz inflated Xfce, or vice versa, the requirements change.

Linux is WAYYYY leaner and snappier than Windows. Main problem for newbies coming from Windows is lack of knowledge and understanding of how linux works. There are tons of documents on linux in the Net. Too much for people coming from Windows. They get confused with different kernels, different distros, different Desktop Environments and Window Managers, and Package Management styles. It's like stepping onto the the surface of an alien planet. :laughing:

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That's why I want to make a clean and simple docs for Garuda without too much unneccesary info


How about -

"Potential users, should have a willingness to read, research, think and learn" ? :rofl:


Add stroke_finger to wiki editors, guys. He is worthy


Seems it has happened?

I was thinking of 'Things to do after installation'...maybe a new (?) entry (forum) section like:

*Join the Forum (URL)

*Read the FAQ (URL) Formatted posts, other highlights.

*Expected behavior/methods, for self-solving issues/problems (highlighting copy/paste search function)

N.B. Although I have written tech docs in the past (Royal Air Force Gas turbines), it was a long time ago. :grin:

I am new to Linux and the forum and these are just things I would like to know as an ex-windoze emigree

I have steered clear of touching anything, at present, as this is all new to me. Once more confident, yes - but would like to ask first :slight_smile:

Edit: So, I'll leave the post a week and try and coordinate with @Waterfeelix and @OdiousImp as and when I (attempt) to do anything - get a guage on feelings/thoughts.


Yeah it would be nice to have important pages from forum highligted on wiki, all in one place


One of the first people I saw on the forum! A very helpful person! Thank you @Stroke_Finger!


It's my sneaky way of trying to develop the right mind-set before they come into the forum proper, is all...try and minimise the spoon-feeding, same question routine. (saving the 'big guns' time is all I want)

And thanks, guys :blush:


Almost nobody reads documentation now, but at least we can throw pages in trolls/newbies/hurried people in order for them to help themselves


Please consider in the "About support" section also an entry "Why no Grub-customizer", considering the troubles I've been reading lately created by it :slight_smile:


make a link to the World Wide Web.
its usless go repeat here everything again :slight_smile:

if I point to, how report bugs, they do not read, they post inxi without the ~

if you like to help, just use a text file with all answers for newbies/m$ users

and copy paste, do not write it everytime new


page with all of the important posts is just this text file on the web, in fact