We have a new Garuda maintainer!

Our friend @Ankur has become a Garuda maintainer!!
Thanks to his dedicated involvement and contributions, we have a Garuda Hyprland spin!!!
May your FOSS spirits grow forever!!
Looking forward to seeing more contributions from you to the community.
But I think this year you should focus more on the exam we have next year :sweat_smile:.



Thanks @Austin I would try to keep contributing to FOSS as much as I can, with the time as my knowledge increases:smile:

BTW , it wouldn’t have been possible without other devs , because yeah I am noobi person :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, preparing for college entrance(admission) exams while contributing for Hyprland spin is hactic thing , no time is left for anything else . :sweat_smile:
It’s like riding on two boats at same time :rofl:

BTW, cheers :beers:


Congratulations ankur, absolutely beautiful distro and best of luck for your exam. :+1:


Congratulations!! :partying_face: Can't wait for your Hyprland spin to officially appear on the downloads page. :smiley:
All the best for your exams! I hope you get into a good college. Don't burn yourself out studying and maintaining the spin ^^


Because we have already made bad experiences, with the announcement of new helpers, we wait a certain time, also with co-maintainers. :slight_smile:

I hereby ask to leave these announcements to the Garuda Linux admins, please :slight_smile:

So far everything went well, but ...


Never forget, school and personal life always come first.


Hmm… :eyes:
Any example ?

If I would have not been able to make balance till now, then I would have quitted it a long time ago, because yeah what I wanted was an ISO in which all my configs are intact :wink: ,
Reason : so that I can experiment and break my system freely :crazy_face: ,(I have bad track records in my childhood of breaking deb based system just with update command)
Actually, after first ISO I thought that my work is over but maybe wasn’t, SGS showed me how it looks OTB and I wasn’t satisfied:slight_smile:.
BTW, never thought that I will be mentioned in PKGBUILDS as co-maintainer , I thought that there would be some kind of qualification requirements, like atleast you should know these…these things then only you can be an maintainer or co-maintainer .

Seems like I am the most controversial co-maintainer till now of garuda:crazy_face:

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Seen Jul 7, '22

Few know everything, which is why teamwork is so important. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I remember that one , then somewhere recently I saw that @librewish is handling the gnome edition in some thread , but IDK who is currently handling it :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too :smiley:


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