Wayfire Version not starting up to installer

I downloaded the Wayfire version's installer and flashed it to a USB stick, but when I go to boot it up, it gets stuck on "Starting wayfire version 0.6.0". I can't access a terminal to debug it and the only action that causes a visual change is pressing the power button.

I'm running with an NVIDIA GPU if that's helpful.

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What method did you use for this?

Did you verify the checksum to make sure the image was downloaded fully/correctly?


Wayfie doesnt work with NVIDEA.


not entirely true it works with free drivers quite well depending on video card, i used Gnome then sway now back on Gnome both on wayland using a nvidia card and free drivers it works better than x11 and free drivers and virtually as good as x11 and non free drivers as i said depends on the nvidia card.


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