Wayfire not showing up the newly installed packages

Hey Admins!
Thanks for doing this great job - I’ve just set up Garuda Wayfire edition on my old PC and I’m loving it, but for a few issues…

  1. Not easy to configure the background with a right-click
  2. If I install a browser, say chromium or brave, it does not show up in the installed apps list which appears on clicking the Garuda icon at bottom-left unless I restart!!!
    Is there a way to do that or restart the DE process at least so that it picks up and I don’t have to run the ‘where’ command in Alacritty?

yeah it is not easy
either you edit ~/.config/wf-shell.ini

or open


and change background

well you can kill wf-panel and restart it instead of restarting pc

killall wf-panel && wf-panel &

you can make an issue in the wf-shell github repo

if you want to make bug reports/feature request or any issue regarding wayfire


Thanks for that @librewish. Helped. I’m way too familiar with GNOME. Don’t understand why people don’t like it when you have one super key. Guess they haven’t seen cluttered desktops yet!