Wayfire Layout switching

Is there any way to switch layouts in wayfire window manager? I have looked at the official documentation but couldn't find anything.
I have gotten very used to the keyboard navigation by using awesome,qtile and xmonad. and this is my first time with a wayland based window manager.
thanks for the help in advance

Well you can try changing configs of wf-shell
To change the layout

As for using keyboard navigation for windows
Enable simple-tile plugin and set desired keyboard shortcuts

You can do this via wcm wayfire config manager


ok now replying to myself. but devs might take a note. theres a plugin called swayfire at Swayfire. it is also available as an AUR pkg swayfire-git. This allows Tiling window manager features for wayfire compositor. Honestly, this is because the Simple Tile plugin hasn't got too many features as the name suggests.

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