WAYFIRE dont Edit-backround-color=auto logout during install=aborted :-(

while waiting for the the install progress bar to fill i was exploring wayfire

i changed my backround color and got auto-logged out

---which i assume is the default or default lacking the support of display manager? (lol lots to learn :-D)

logging back in the install process was aborted and have to go fix partition

i think it would be a good idea to disable any auto logout features (just for usb install env) or some other safe guard......a popup warning?

thank you for all the care, time, dedication and effort in building maintaining and growing this project :slight_smile:

I think it was a good idea not playing around if install process is active :wink:

When changes are made, an "internal reboot/restore" of the system can occur, for example with i3wm also achievable with super+shift+r.
This interrupts running processes, and maybe calamares could not handle this.
I don't know if a bug report in calamares git will cause a change, but you can try. :slight_smile:

Since I am not a programmer and should be completely wrong with this, you (developer) could alternatively point it out before starting calamares.
"Use the coming time during the installation for physical training, the weaker your PC is, the stronger your body will become. However, do not play around with the desktop environment under any circumstances."


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