Waybar config with 1366x768 resolution laptop

I am using hyprland on an older, very small portable laptop. Dell Lattitude E5270. The 1366x768 resolution display does not work well with the default waybar configuration. Many of the icons are pushed off the screen on the right hand side.

In case anyone else has this issue, here’s how I resolved it.

I edited the ~/.config/waybar/config file (BACKUP first)

    // Choose the order of the modules

    "modules-left": ["custom/launcher", "hyprland/workspaces", "hyprland/window"],
    "modules-right": [ "custom/pacman",  "custom/weather","backlight", "custom/keyboard-layout",  "temperature",  "cpu", "memory", "battery", "pulseaudio", "network", "tray", "idle_inhibitor", "clock","custom/power"],

I commented out the “modules-left” and changed "modules-right" t to “modules-center*” I also removed a couple of items to make it fit better.

    // Choose the order of the modules

   //  "modules-left": ["custom/launcher", "hyprland/workspaces", "hyprland/window"],
    "modules-center": [ "custom/launcher",  "hyprland/workspaces","backlight",  "temperature",  "cpu", "memory", "battery", "pulseaudio", "network", "tray", "idle_inhibitor", "clock","custom/power"],


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Please, post your garuda-inxi like the template ask for.

    "layer": "top", // Waybar at top layer
    "position": "bottom", // Waybar position (top|bottom|left|right)
    "height": 18,

Set the “width”:1910, to your needs, try 1320.


By the way, width should default to screen width if not set.
I have that same screen resolution, so I reduced the font size and reclaimed a couple padding pixels in style.css.

Can you paste your changes?

Overall I liked my workaround and making the font any smaller on my screen with my old eyes might now work as well. haha But I am curious to try it.


I always use a little less so that it doesn’t look so squashed. You could also save the rounded corners with 1 to 1.


It’s just

* {
    border: none;
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;

    font-family: JetBrainsMonoNL;
    font-size: 1em;

and more fiddling with margin and padding in the other sections.

Then I went crazy with the colors and there is where it gets a bloody mess, reason why I’m not just copy pasting (also, it’s full of comments cursing at things that do not work as I expect with very foul language).

Beware, one small syntax error will prevent the waybar to load.


re: Syntax error. Yes, I found that out the hard way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this.

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You have the same screen as I do on my elitebook. I was having the same problem with waybar, I changed the width too 1366 and rebooted. It came up fine after that, the waybar fit perfectly on the screen.

Thanks Just to be clear, you are referring to setting the montor resolution to 1366x768 and rebooted?


Yup that’s it… all I did was set the width to 1366 in the hyprland.conf, I think that’s what’s it called. What ever the “*.conf” file is in “.config/hyprland/”

Thanks. For me that didn’t work. I have an integrated Intel video card. Might be a bug in the driver


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Post #8+#10

Nope, you can check the new waybar settings, open terminal and type


you got a second waybar.
You can also

killall waybar

and use the last setting, they came up after reboot.

If you only change the settings without reboot you got not the new values.

In my case even after setting the monitor resolution and rebooting did not resolve it.

You must edit the file .config/waybar/config
Line 5

Where you change the monitor resolution?

If you use the hyprland.conf then comment #, exec-once = .local/bin/mon.sh

# Set monitor values. For own values, please comment with #
# exec-once = .local/bin/mon.sh

I edited the resolution in the hyprland.conf and commented out that exec-once script as well.

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