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Hello, I am pretty new to linux and am looking to switch to garuda for a daily driver, but first i need to find what DE i like the most. Anyone have experience with LXQT or FXCE, or wayfire DEs? They are the ones I am looking at because they are the lightest which will allow for just slightly better game performance.
If you do have experience with them, could you please say what it is like and the pros/cons of them?
I am a Windows user ATM if that helps guide some of your info.

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There really can't be an answer because you have to try them yourself.
Otherwise everyone will be thrilled with their choice. :blush:
You can have a first go with live ISOs from a USB stick.
There you make a first skim, also to find any incompatibility with your hw.
But then you might want to do some test installation on bare metal, because the performance can be evaluated only in this way ...


"Lightest DE" does not necessarily mean best game performance. The term "light", when talking about DEs usually indicates the DE does not take much time to start up, is snappy, has low memory usage etc.
DE's affect on game performance relies on other factors like does it have a compositor & can it be disabled, the window manager used by DE. These factors do not always align with the "lightness" of DE but the difference between game performance is very little.

In my opinion you should not consider game peformance when selecting a DE as there is little difference.

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Very true. KDE might not be a light DE, especially not dr460nized, but it's able to suspend compositing during gaming. Unless you are running really low RAM, I'd say go with the one which fits you best :slight_smile:


This certainly is less light than KDE Dr460nized!


The only way you're going to know which one you like most is to try them. Thankfully Garuda's live installer environments make this easy. Download each one to a USB pen drive that uses Ventoy and you can easily boot each one to test them.

The other great thing about having zsync available is that you don't have to download every image in full, only what differs from the other images.


Best advice is to play around with each and choose what makes you happy, 'cause if you choose what don't, then, you know, you won't be.


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