Want to switch from Wayfire to XFCE

I have installed Garuda wayfire but I really didn’t like it.
I installed XFCE4 but I can’t login to it.
Any tips so I can remove Wayfire and use XFCE instead? without fresh installing the system?

What’s your login manager? Why didn’t you furnish your garuda-inxi as the template says?

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I don’t really know what’s the name of the dm, but it’s something that comes by default by garuda wayfire.

Wayfire is a wayland compositor based on wlroots.
Xfce is a lightweight and modular desktop environment currently based on GTK.

It is always problematic to change the desktop interface, we recommend a clean reinstallation to avoid system problems later on.


thank you, I will.

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if you haven’t wiped your installation yet and are willing to be adventurous you can check this out.

You can create a new subvolume with xfce installation and share a common home subvolume between your wayfire and xfce installs. Or just remove the wayfire completely if you want without losing any data. Though the last part does depend on your skills and partly luck as well. :eyes: :grin:


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