Want to know how to install Garuda onto USB

Fell In Love With Garuda Linux When I First Used It On My Windows Virtual Box I Want To Experience It More So I Have Decided To Before Making It My Full Time Os Why Not Install It On Usb And Take Experience Of It More Like Other Linux Distributions Which You Can Use Them By Just Installing Them On A Usb
So I Want Can I Do The Above Thing Install Garuda Linux On A Usb

You can (after all an USB is a disk to install), but you'd not fully enjoy the performance...
Squeeze some space in your SSD and have fun!!! :wink:
What you cannot do is to use the live USB with persistent storage.


You'd be limited to the speed of the USB when it comes to read/write, but you definetly can. I know some people use USBs as a completely portable OS. I do recommend having like 100GB on your SSD instead though :slight_smile:

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Like any other Linux distro, you can write the installer image to a USB disk and test it out. Instructions are on the download page.

If you want to install the OS to a USB, then see above. :slightly_smiling_face:


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