Want Garuda Flasher!

I Just Want Garuda Flasher Cuz I Have Iso File Already
And i also Tried To install it via flashing with etcher but that not works properly

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
A "Garuda Flasher" does not exist.
We often suggest Ventoy:

sudo pacman -Syu ventoy

Or if you meant the flasher in the Garuda Downloader, it is popsicle:

sudo pacman -Syu popsicle

I tried ventoy but installation stuck at 79% (configuring the Hardware) and after 2 hours i force shutdown my laptop

Now what to do??

Let's follow the other post, which has some open questions.
The flashing tool is not necessarily the root cause of the problem.


Try , Ventoy
It will create two partitons on your USB drive
In the larger one just paste the iso or .img files you want to boot
And in boot selection menu select the USB boot and then Ventoy will show all the iso's that are avaialble for booting

What USB port is booted USB connected to? It happened to me years ago that my installation did not run because I was trying to install it from an external port, either from a USB port extender or from the CPU Case, it has to be a direct connection port.

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