Wanna know how stable it is

Hello im looking forward to have a double boot for garuda besides my W11 as a main boot. In the past at college i had to use ubuntu and it is known to be a pretty stable distro and pretty welcoming to new people, but it lacks on updates, i think they are behind from arch based distros. Im a person that can consider himself a “gamer” and ive seen that this distro is made for them (i dont know if its true or not pls dont kill me) and in contrast of ubuntu, this distro is based on arch it gets updates pretty frequently, so i would like to ask how stable it is this distro in reality, ive seen a lot of people in distrowatch say that it is one of the most stable distros based in arch but some others that they feel it so unstable, so how it is going for you all?

The search is your friend. Mostly it’s as stable as the maintainer (you).

The over whelming majority of all issues are self inflicted wounds. So the question you need to really ask is are you capable of maintaining it’s stability.


Long as you keep up with news on recent packages and issues that arise, its is pretty stable.

Once in a great while, there will be issues as nothing is perfect, and getting packages earlier than most distros there might be a slight issue here and there. Common issues Garuda can handle using gaurda-update when the team push fixes to automatic maintenance (package conflicts and the like).
Also, as Garuda uses a CoW (copy-on-write) file system, it makes automatic snapshots easy when upgrading the system using garuda-update. It takes a lot of the risk out of an Arch based distro. (more info on how easy it is to restore a snapshot: Restoring snapshots to get the system back to working state | Garuda Linux wiki )

I think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to gaming on Linux however. It is a learning experience for sure, but worth it if you want a distro that can handle many things including gaming. :grin:


sorry if i make you explain some things that are stupid, so if theres a common error by an update maybe i get the solution and i dont need to put something into the terminal, but if its an specific error thats when i have to do some research and make it by myself right?

To summarize, I would suppose. Like I’ve mentioned, a good number of common issues like package conflicts and the like are eventually fixed for people trying to update their system using garuda-update.
For other things, yes, it would take a bit a research and forum searching to see if others have the same problem. For advanced issues, expect to either edit some configuration files or do a bit of things in the terminal.

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so for you, idk if you use it as a main or as double boot, do you feel that is an stable distro with all the problems it may have or not?

I can only speak for myself. I started using this distro a few years ago, after looking for a gaming distro. I went full in, and didn’t dual boot. I expected it to be a learning process and it to be different than what I used to use.

It all comes down to how confident you are in ability to learn something new. If you are a bit unsure, you could try a dual boot.
Please bear in mind that dual booting is tricky business in itself, and other installs could conflict with boot loaders and could possibly lead to hardware issues if not configured correctly. Because of these factors, we can’t offer official support for dual booting.


Like they say its as stable as you make it. During transitions of any os there are growing pains. The current arch one is" [Incoming changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages may require manual intervention] "(Arch Linux - News: Incoming changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages may require manual intervention)

While it’s easy to solve looking it up the change takes a bit of effort. if you purely want to game. i would say garuda is a good choice there is also Nobara based on fedora. It is also a gaming distro just not arch but they are going full wayland, So if you own a nvidia gpu i would stay clear tell nvidia supports wayland a bit better.
All in all like most systems the more you tinker with settings an download an forgotten apps/packages the more chances for things to break. linux maintained can be more stable then windows while linux left to rot will fail similar to blue screen hell. imo

Any distribution is only as stable as the User. That said, the more gears & pulleys, bells & whistles, the more complex a distribution is. By that, I mean there’s far fewer things to go wrong, hence easier to isolate and repair whatever is broken when it breaks, without them. And everything eventually breaks, Windows, Linux, MacOS, whatever–without all that extra stuff. Cars, boats, marriages, they all break.

So enough of the philosofickling. Ubuntu is a “fixed release.” Garuda, based on Arch Linux, is a “rolling release” distribution. My long-term use of both types shows me that, again, either is only as stable as the user.

And 30+ years of computer use has shown me that Gamers are the unstable type. They have to be–historically they have driven hardware development. So–based on that standard of no one else’s–Garuda was made for you!

Not the unstable part, just the part that you’ll fit in well here if you are willing to learn how Garuda, Arch, and rolling releases work, and how they can benefit all involved, including the guy on the street; you.

I’ve known many of the people in these forums for years. They are among the most experienced Linux (and computers in-general) folks I’ve ever met. Whatever you run into–we can help. All volunteers, it’s always a group effort around dis’ joint. :smiley:

Welcome to Garuda Linux. We’ll show you how to screw in your own lightbulbs!