Wallpapers and pictures from Miordmiro for 2024

Yes, Blueflare-x is good. Malefor-x is also good and much better than the faulty Malefor.
As I always say, it’s a matter of taste. :slight_smile:

About contest

Everyone downloads as many dragons as they want, the competition is already over with the “Hearts”.

Not everyone who likes and downloads something here also leaves a like :slight_smile: . We are not “You Tube” or KDE :smiley: .

When it comes to competitions or likes, I would have to set i3wm or Hyprland, for example
Hyprland Downloads | 231219 | Fixes | Nvidia
Over a thousand downloads, but only 12 people liked it.

Even if someone doesn’t win any contests, is their stuff bad?
It’s also just a snapshot of certain registered users.
We don’t know what people are up to here, but if e.g. on a day with over 20000 anonymous forum visitors (vs 2700 members, IIRC)18000 of them downloaded your dragons, what are the benefits? :slight_smile:
Or none. Are you depressed, then?