Wallpaper Engine for Kde There Are No Wallpapers in steam library

how to fix this??

Maybe check if this favourite filter can be also your issue:

Check also for open issues there, and maybe, just in case, you have all the prerequisites:

Last but not least: your garuda-inxi is missing, and it was missing in all your previous topics.
I know it may seem unnecessary at times, but this can help also in those cases, to see that at least the system is up-to-date.
Most importantly, adding it shows respect for the rules (template).

If the above is not helping, I leave it to someone else, since I'm not even a steam user, but please make sure you get used to using garuda-inxi, otherwise topics might (and should) be moved to preconditions failed.


Judging from the location you set to source wallpapers from, you apparently missed reading the manual:

  1. Wallpaper Engine installed on Steam
  2. Subscribe to some wallpapers on the Workshop
  3. Select the steamlibrary folder on the Wallpapers tab of this plugin
    The steamlibrary which contains the steamapps folder
    Wallpaper Engine needs to be installed in this steamlibrary

i installed steam and Subscribe some workshop and select folder in /.local/Steam/

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