Vulkan not working on NVIDIA cards? Here is the solution

Hello. In this week I've started using Garuda Linux and I like it.
One problem I had with the vulkan drivers and I was only using the NVIDIA gpu.
So, when you install Garuda and you get vulkan-icd-loader and check the system information via Lutris, it says "Vulkan: Not Supported".

I have a solution for you if you use NVIDIA gpu & drivers.
Just uninstall amdvlk and do a reboot.

If you want to use AMD gpu just install amdvlk again.

This should be added/updated to the FAQ section.

Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe & healthy.


Yeah thanks for reporting i have made sure to avoid amdvlk on next release when its not needed


Thank you !!!! I have been trying to get My steam and my Lutris games to work all Day. I used pacman to find amdvlk rebooted now everything is working.