VS Code theme for Garuda (Dr460nized)

Hi everyone. I've been using Garuda for 2 weeks now and loving it. But I have a small problem caused by my concern of looks and aesthetics. Almost every application I download is automatically themed similar to my Garuda theme but in VS Code, I have to change the theme on my own. I looked at the system settings and Dr460nized uses something like "sweetified" but there is no VS Code theme with the same name. So, my question is, how do my make my VS Code blend in with my Garuda theme and look like a default app like terminals etc.? If there is no chance, what's the color theme closest to Garuda's sweetified theme in VS Code?

Sorry if i gave unnecessary information. Any help will be appreciated.

Welcome :slight_smile:

First thing I will do is reading the vscode manual, I am sure there is a way to customize.

Correct, you must do it :slight_smile: please share the result in forum.

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So, Is there no VS Code theme that looks like Garuda's sweetified?

If applications do not follow the system theme and use the own, we can't do anything.

In short, no yes..

"Nothing good happens unless you do it." :slight_smile:


If you want purple shaded theme then i suggest jellyfish theme which is my personal favorite but if you want to fully similar then unfortunately there isn't any theme for vscode.

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let me try Jellyfish for an hour and see if it looks at least a little bit like Sweetified.

If you need the blur/transluency effect on VSCode, you can try the extensions GlassIt and Frosted Glass Theme

For theme I recommend Nebula Oni and Bearded Theme

Make sure you have Sweet-Dark as the GTK theme in

Settings -->Appearance -->Application Style -->Configure GNOME/GTK Application style

Other than this, I don't think you will get exactly same look as the, for example, the konsole terminal on Garuda. These are made using Qt framework, and they blend very nicely with all KDE apps like dolphin, konsole.

VScode on the other hand is made with Electron, which uses chromium. Chromium is made with GTK.

Good Luck.


There is actually a Sweet theme + fitting icons in the store :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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