VPN and other Remote access Apps in hyprland

I am revisiting Garuda and I think its here to stay this time, I am really enjoying the hyprland environment, several years back wasn’t really a fan of window managers. I think Garuda helped me be more open to trying it out. I think it works out great at home, and not really an issue but I have noticed some apps I use for work don’t really work but its okay since I have work arounds. When testing my home computer for remote work I noticed teamviewer and forticlient-vpn are the only apps that dont work, I can still use teamviewer’s web version on the browser so no big deal and using that I dont really need the VPN. I was only curious if anyone has had a similar experience with particular apps not working like those or other apps? not looking to troubleshoot but just wondering if that is normal for WMs like hyprland?

I’m going to say “yes”, I have experience with apps not working correctly on every WM, every DE, every distro, even every operating system that I have ever tried.


I probably should have been more specific, so have you used VPN on window managers?

Yes, I regularly use a VPN on window managers.

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For me too, there some softwares sometimes do weird things, specially I have noticed it for kde apps like kdenlive, and even my fav office softwares like only office, but the thing is that you 99% of the time find some workaround or solution for making it work, specially in WMs as this thing from head to toe is known by you , and you can play with their configs to make your needed softwares to work but can’t say the same things for DE’s sometimes as you can be a little bit clueless there , or maybe it was just for me :eyes:

Whatever, the conclusion is that we all face it, and half of the time solutions are straight forward . :slightly_smiling_face:

Even though I have used a little bit proton VPN, but I don’t use VPN that much BTW… :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback, yeah its not a total loss for me and I can still be productive with workarounds. I have Garuda at home so it is primarily my home computer and I’m good with that. I was just curious about anyone else’s experiences with vpn type apps. I was using fortclient-vpn in particular.