Vote for our next release's artwork contest

Hello to all out there in Garuda Land. :wave:

The contest for the most popular artwork to be included in our next release is coming to a close. Please vote on what you’d like to see included in our next release.

As there are a limited number of choices that can be included in a poll, I had to narrow the candidates down to the top 2 from each artist to be able to get a decision from a single poll.

I have selected 2 pieces of artwork (with the most likes) from each artist that made contributions. The artists are listed in the order that they posted their work. Several artists submitted multiple pieces of art on the same post, and therefore individual likes could not be tallied. For these artists submissions I simply chose which pieces I felt were the top two pieces from each artist.

You may vote on your top 3 choices, but it would be the most fair if you only voted for each artist once. That way the three most popular ARTISTS will each have a piece included in the default wallpaper pack of the next release.


As we don’t want to delay the release of the new Bird of Prey ISO’s much longer, voting will close on Sat, April 27th.

@SGS : Bird of Prey (TilliDie Remix)

@SGS : Bird of Prey (orig)

@TilliDie : Garuda Linux (Blue)

@TilliDie : Garuda Linux (Red)

@elite : Garruble (NASA remix)

@elite : Garuda SpaceBird

@captainflasmr : Garuda Bird of Prey (1)

@captainflasmr : Garuda Bird of Prey (2)

@mr_maniac_2k : Garuda Bird of Prey (3)

@mr_maniac_2k : Garuda Bird of Prey (4)

@Mior_D_Miro: Rave

@Mior_D_Miro : Garudas

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We can make another wallpaper package containing all of them as well, in theory :eyes:


I was thinking that the top 3 in votes should be added to the standard wallpaper pack of the next release. I’ll donate $100 to the Artist whose individual piece receives the most number of votes. :trophy:


Hi. I don’t want to give a bad review, but I think it could be better than it is. for example top 5 are looks like 2005 wallpapers that’s 3D picture was new thing in system .it’s very simple .the 10th is a little better than other but i don’t think was enough for this os
Again i say, this was my personal opinion

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :wink:


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True, Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. I personally loved the “Rave” image. Being the trekie I am, I’d love to see a Klingon Bird of Prey as part of the illustration, but I know Paramount would object !


I was hoping to get at least 100 forum members voting in the contest before it closes. Unfortunately, we may not have enough time to allow voting to continue long enough to hit that mark. The team is champing at the bit to get the new Bird of Prey release launched ASAP.

Everything is together for the new release, and the team have been waiting for this contest to wrap up to roll everything out. As we don’t want to delay the release of the new ISO’s much longer, the voting will close Sat, April 27th.

Get those votes in people, if you want your opinion to influence the choice of Garuda’s newest art selection for the Bird of Prey release.

It was fantastic to see some new members contributing their art to the project. Many thanks to all who voted, and especially to those who submitted their great artwork for this contest.


I don’t mind leaving it open until the weekend - more time to allocate to release stuff will be available there (at least for me) :slight_smile:


Alright then, I will amend the cutoff date until Saturday.


It’s gonna be hard to keep patience till Saturday :grin: :grinning:


Does this mean that I can Add AI artwork before then or does my own artwork still stand?


Sorry @TilliDie, no late submissions as the vote is already underway. This likely won’t be the last contest for Garuda wallpaper. So save what you have till the next release and hopefully it will be a winner. :smile: :+1:


Thanks for the heads up .I will save all my wallpapers till the next contest :smiley:


Well community, the time has come to close the artwork contest and declare a winner.

The artwork contest did not automatically entitle the top vote getter to be selected as the default wallpaper for the Bird of Prey release. However, the team felt the winner of the contest was of such high quality that it should indeed be selected as the default wallpaper for the Bird of Prey release.

So without further ado, the winner of the artwork contest and the honour of being selected as the default desktop wallpaper for the Bird of Prey release goes to @Mior_D_Miro and his piece titled Rave:

Congratulations to @Mior_D_Miro and the two other contenders @mr_maniac_2k and @elite for being voted by the Garuda community as producing the top 3 pieces of artwork to be included in our new Bird of prey release.

Many thanks to all in the Garuda community who contributed artwork to the contest, and those who took the time to vote on the artwork contributed


Iam very very happy to saw many beautiful contributions and iam much more proud about to be a part of it. thank you that iam being a piece of such a great community :slight_smile: and so iam willing to make more pictures cause its so fun and cool for me :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend


Miordmiro from Germany Bavaria


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