VivoBook (ASUS) can not for some reason get my RGD going?

Hi everyone…

Garuda is doing great just have a minor issue of not having my keyboard backlight going…which isn’t massive but would be nice to see…

Does anyone have a fix for this…?
Tried most of the ones in the add and remove (Including AUR) ASUS say they don’t support or have a driver for it…

Help if possible.


Advise you post your ‘garuda-inxi’ output before @SGS disposes of your post. Them’s the rules. :slight_smile:


Sorry if not on par with the rules and Reg first-time I’ve posted here…

Not sure how to actually do what you suggested…

Thanks tho.

garuda-inxi is used to provide your system specs.
Just open a terminal, type garuda-inxi, press enter, copy (Ctrl+Shift+C) the output and paste it here in this topic formatted
like this
If you prefer, the same information is provided in the Garuda Assistant / System specs tab.


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The keyboard backlight is normally controlled via the firmware and the operating system is not aware of it.
That’s why it works on most laptops without a suitable driver using the Fn key, in your case that should be “Fn + F7”.

There is open source software for Asus laptops, for example asusctl, but that mainly only supports TUF/ROG models. If your keyboard is connected internally via USB, then it could probably work with a VivoBook - you can check this with:


If something like “asus n-key” or similar is displayed, then the keyboard is connected via USB and you might be lucky that it works.

If you use KDE Plasma: in the system settings you can set a shortcut to activate/deactivate the keyboard backlight. But that only works if a corresponding driver is installed, which is probably not the case with Asus. If there is nothing called ‘asus::kbd_backlight’ under /sys/class/leds/, then a shortcut will not work.


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