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For years (in Linux Mint) I have been using Vivaldi, syncing all activities, bookmarks and passwords in order to be able to use them on my smartphone aswell. Since I am in Garuda Dragonized, this workflow is impossible. Vivaldi in Garuda does not shoow and fill in my passwords. Although I have activated syncing, and when I check, it says it has synced. But there are no passwords available.
I have googled, and found that there can be a conflict with kwallet, but kwallet is not installed, due to conflict with Bitwarden. Unfortunately, using Bitwarden is a lot less comfortable and not the best option and I don't have all my web passwords in Bitwarden.
What can I do? Work with Chromium (does THAT sync properly?) or Firefox (does that sync in Garuda)? I definitely don't want to miss syncing and easily using (automatic fill-in) passwords.
And it works so perfectly with Vivaldi on my Android devices.

Hmm that's strange I use vivaldi as well and don't face any such issues. Check the sync options of vivaldi on other devices to see if you have accidentally disabled it there. Also check what contents are being synced both on them and your device and turn the ones you do want to sync on.

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I can also confirm syncing with Vivaldi is working perfectly fine, out of the box with no specific configuration required on any spin.

If your Vivaldi encryption password is different than your Vivaldi account password, you will have to enter both to sync all data.

Double-check the autofill settings, and also check that "save webpage passwords" is ticked.

Well, 5thanks for that. Which I can confirm is fine.
In the sync settings everything is checked
When I input a password somewhere, I get asked if I want to save.
But when I look at the security tab it says 'No passwords found'.
Wonder where those password get saved to?
Anyway, I will uninstall Vivaldi now. Restart the computer and install it again. Then I can also redo the login and the passphrase input.
Lets wait and see...

Your issue seems similar to this person's:

In their case, they replaced a hard drive and everything was sync'ing except passwords. Do you similarly have an error in the passwords row if you open chrome://sync-internals/?

This thread also has some ideas--the thread is related to Chrome, but the information should be relevant still: Error syncing passwords - Google Chrome Community

This might not work unless you also purge the files in ~/.config/vivaldi/ first, because just uninstalling will leave those files alone. :eyes:

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Well, I can say: That didn't help.
Same situation after reinstall and restart.
Funny thing: When I restarted, it opened my profile right away. With Bookmarks, Desktop links, everything.
Just no passwords.
I logged out of my profile and back in. With the credentials of course. They say that I have xxx bookmarks and 0 passwords.
But when I log into the same account from my android device all the passwords are there. For safety, I have downloaded them. Never know....
But as to the issue, I am still at a loss.
Possibly I will need to do a purge to really get rid of any config files that seem to be there. To really get a clean install. I only uninstalled with the software center, that obviously left some files intact.

Right, thats just what I found out.
Can you remind me . whats sthe syntax of purge in Garuda KDE?

The equivalent of "purge" in Pacman would be pacman -Rn (remove a package and it's configuration files), or pacman -Rns (remove dependencies as well--use with caution). This may be a useful reference to bookmark: pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki

In either case, config files stored in the user's home folder should be deleted manually because Pacman typically doesn't mess with those.

rm -rf ~/.config/vivaldi

Well, not that I understand it, but I'm back in business with a working Vivaldi Sync, including passwords.
I did the pacman -Rns comand and it worked.
After that, I tried to delete the .config/vivaldi folder, but it had vanished already. Not there. Onky my folder called /oldvivaldi where I had backupped the config folder.)
After restarting the PC I reinstalled Vivaldi, which included some depenccies this time.
And now, when I fired up Vivaldi .... it was all there: The profile, the bookmarks, connection to Sync working without any logins. AND NOW, ALL THE PASSWORDS WERE BACK!
So I'm happy, even if I have to believe in Garuda doing magic... ;-))

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