Vivaldi app menu not showing in KDE latte panel

I have started using Vivaldi recently and noticed that it's app menu is not visible in the top latte panel in KDE Dr460nized Edition(Unlike FireDragon)

How to make it appear in the latte panel?

I think it should have been created automatically at installation.
If not, I think you should create a desktop file for it (if you search on the Internet there are plenty of guides or examples).
Or even better check in the Arck Wiki:

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Firefox by default also does not display the appmenu. Its only available in FireDragon as a specific patch enables it. I think its not available in Vivaldi because its available when clicking their icon already.


I can see the app menu by clicking on the vivaldi button/alt key/ctrl+m keybinding...
I actually want the app menu to be visible in the latte panel...
Any ideas on how to get that working...?
(I am not able to understand the archwiki page provided by @filo...)

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Sorry, I misunderstood the request.
I read too quickly...
Just disregard my link.

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I went through the links but couldn't get it to work

I guess it's an issue on Vivaldi's end...

Then, I guess there's no solution for it...
(Thank you for researching the links!)