VirtualBox Garuda Small Screen

I have installed Garuda on VirtualBox but when I start it it's only in small screen and I can't full screen. I know that you should "Insert Guest Additions CD image...", but I get an error message that I can't insert anything. What can I do?

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Installing in virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience! (eg. setup assistant not working)

What does the manual say about this?


As posted above is correct.
Open VirtualBox -> select Graphic Controller -> select VBoxSVGA


Thanks. It worked in scaled window after I used VBoxSVGA. But I couldn't full screen.

For this I looked at that on the net and found this.

instead of typing everything out.
Just drop down to the section you need.

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Do not expect a ton of support if you install Garuda in this way, as this installation method is unsupported by the distro.

You are the System Administrator in Linux, and therefore you are your own tech support.

Good luck.


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