VirtualBox FullScreen Error

iam using Garuda I3 and found a weird issue.... whenever i start a vm in vbox it doesnt swith to fullscreen..... even if it does it goes full transparent with no border and then gets stuck for few min... switching back to normal mode is not helpful either.... i have been using vbox in garuda for a while now and never had this kind of issue... virt-manager doesnt work either says libvirt daemon not running ... even in SU

install using

sudo pacman -S virt-manager-meta

Virt manager will work

As for virtualbox

sudo pacman -S virtualbox-meta

Currently virtualbox host dkms isnt updated to support linux 5.10 so you need to wait


lets try virt-manager then

but i installed linux zen then also its not working... may be module issue

virt-manager started well but my NAT is inactive .... what to do??

i hope this command might work

virsh net-autostart default

it worked ... thank you for the support @librewish :clinking_glasses:

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when does come support for kernel 5.10 i read it that beta has started
and other question when it takes to long what was the latest kernel supports virtualbox
because i installed garuda for a few days and there it functions great with virtualbox
and how can i get the best way back to older kernels even if it takes too long
but when it takes only a few days i can wait

virt-manager is better then virtualbox... try it




Change kernel with advanced in grub


thanxs for the good advice archiman05 i have only testet it very short but it works fine i think


also thanks for explaining to do that


Welcome to Garuda!