Virtual Box blur screen on full-screen mode

garuda installed on a physical machine
host OS Garuda guest OS Parrot OS
I wanna get the solution for this issue

How did you install virtual box? You should install it from setup assistant.


from Octopi

Which packages did you install from octopi? Also to know how to set up virtual box correctly, see

Also, if you don't wanna read, you should simply reinstall from Garuda setup assistant.


I installed it again from setup assistant nothing changed

Than read the manual.


ok, I'll try it

Hi did you find a solution?

I got the exact same problem. I've never seen this before. After more research look like a problem with KDE and Wayland.

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till now I didn't find any solution

Hmm, I have installed virtual box from Pamac and the problem is from force blur effects

In advance try Kwin script debug console & Add a new window rule for Virtual box

Try disabling Kwin scripts
Force blur option

It works in Dr460nized edition that I'm using

Please again enable those effects after using Virtual Box to enhance looks


this link requires access

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here's the solution
disable Blur effect from system Settings
system Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects > Blur
thanks, @virat_17 for the hint
@DerpFox check this solution


you're right
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On GUI follow these Steps

Search for Kwin Script

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Solved :

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You should make a YT video for those who can't mentally comprehend simple text solution in post # 22.

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